Aaron Jah Stone

The vital value of the brand lies in the bold, eclectic, and confident style that shines through in the precious stones used, the assembly, the creative shapes, and the high degree of finishing of these jewelry pieces. Each piece tells the poignant story of a coming together of powerful opposing components of energy, material, and form. Cyril's endless spirit of travel and desire for adventure is reflected in his exotic creations and vibrant compositions that blend cultural, symbolic, and contemporary elements.

The tangible qualities of the pieces are further enhanced by the bohemian aesthetic that is evident in Cyril's remarkable work to deconstruct the essence of what is elaborate at its very foundations. Spirituality and personal experience are two omnipresent themes that can be found in all of the brand's collections, with a strong connection to the distant and enchanting Asia. The end result is a piece of jewelry rooted in the past but reinvented and placed in a modern context.

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