Stone Stella white gold earrings

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Stone Paris immerses itself in the Italian Renaissance, and into the works of Giotto, the Florentine painter and leader of the movement. The artist took advantage of the historical heritage of gothic and byzantine art to create a series of highly symbolic frescoes where the deep blue used contrasts subtly with the ever-present gold used for the stars and the vault of the Scrovegni chapel. 

Variations on Giotto’s star, the emblematic symbol of Scrovegni, are enlivened with delicate stylized motifs pearled with gold and diamonds. 
The collection consists of quasi-elementary figures linked together with a measure of balance and a rhythmic sequence of an almost divine nature. 

750/1000 gold 2.20g
22 GVS white diamonds 0.21ct
Alpa system - Length : 3.5cm and 2.52cm
Size of the pattern : 0.66 x 3.5cm and 0.66 x 2.52cm