Instytutum illuminating 3D moisturizer

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For an amazing immediate radiant glow and a supple, plump, healthy and intensely hydrated glowing skin. This super packed Anti-Aging formula combines Vitamin C for brightening, reducing hyperpigmentation stimulating collagen and increased elasticity. The Multi-molecular HA complex for multi-depth hydration, low, medium and high-molecular-weight HA for superb hydration to rapidly penetrate and create a protective film on the skin surface, reduce water loss from the inside, 24 h moisturization, nourish the skin surface, repairs and restores from the inside and provides anti-pollution/anti-UV benefits. Tri-Peptide-1 encourages skin renewal and stimulates collagen synthesis in order to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin. Probiotics for stabilizing and creating a healthy skin barrier. Pomegranate extract provides anti-aging and moisturizing. Beet Root Extract for instant long-term moisture and supporting the natural moisturizing (NMF) factors. Shea Butter, Almond and Jojoba Oil, Allantoin, Vitamin E, B5 as well as polysaccharides for anti-inflammatory, smoothing, calming, soothing, softening, repairing, protecting 


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