French Filler P-Filler serum

French Filler P-Filler serum

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Peptides : SYN AKE 4% + Acide Hyaluronique


The French Filler serum range has been developed to allow the effects of aesthetic medicine injection sessions to be prolonged. Serum ultra concentrated in peptides with BOTOX P-FILLER French Filler beauty laboratory effect + Hyaluronic Acid.

Smooth complexion - Fine lines/wrinkles - Powerful anti-aging

In the morning, before daily care, apply a few drops of P-filler serum by tapping evenly on the entire face, or mix it directly with the day cream. The P-filler serum can be used in addition to aesthetic medicine injection sessions such as Botox injection or hyaluronic acid. The P-filler serum can be used in synergy with all French Filler beauty laboratory serums.

Why use P-filler serum?

In addition to the injection of Botox which freezes the muscle and brings it to a complete halt, French Filler has developed the P-Filler serum to allow the muscles to rest during use. The muscles of the face at rest prevent the creation of new breaks and therefore preserve the appearance of the skin. The synthetic peptide used in the P-filler serum is a patented active ingredient that mimics the effects of botox. Non-toxic, this molecule is a real advance in order to preserve youth capital. Associated with Hyaluronic Acid, P-FILLER acts as an active preventive treatment. The P-Filler serum contains in its formula the patented active ingredient SYN-AKE 4% SYN®-AKE is a low molecular weight synthetic peptide that aims to smooth expression lines* by topical application. * fine lines and deep wrinkles: lip contour, crow's feet, frown lines

Over time, the active ingredients contained in the P-filler serum will increase the ability to relax the muscle contractions at the origin of these wrinkles.

The SYN®-AKE active ingredient contained in the P-filler serum allows the net reduction of wrinkles without losing our ability to reflect the natural expressions of the face. It is fast acting, these effects are long lasting and fully reversible. The presence of Hyaluronic Acid in the formula gives the serum its moisturizing properties. The P-Filler serum is a real anti-aging preventive concentrate. The P-filler serum is particularly suitable for young skin to prevent the creation of wrinkles. It is also suitable for mature skin in order to slow down the aging process already underway. New studies* have confirmed that when used earlier, P-filler SYN®-AKE serum helps to significantly delay the appearance of wrinkles. * Placebo vs P-filler study: the study consisted in applying the cosmetic product twice a day for 4 weeks, on a panel of 100 volunteers classified into 4 groups.

What is the texture of P-filler serum

A fresh and fluid texture, non-sticky and fast-absorbing for easy application. Moisturizing finish. Non-comedogenic.

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