Instytutum Brighntening eye cream

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Extraordinarily hydrating, instantly unwrinkles, plumps and smooths due to the Multi-Molecular HA Complex and Raspberry Stem Cells for multi-depth hydration, 24h moisturization, it improves the production of ceramides and reinforces the skin barrier and elasticity. Energizing Caffeine detoxifies, thus reducing water retention and puffiness. Silk Tree Bark Extract and St. Pauls Wort visibly lift the upper eye-lid. In combination with Ash Bark Extract, Vitamin PP, Coffea Cell Extract as well as Tripeptide-5, Biopolymers, calming Bisabolol and Shea Butter to brighten, tighten and reduce fine lines and crow‘s feet. It improves micro-circulation and reinforces the capillary structure to minimize under eyebags and dark circles to reveal a refreshed lifted smooth youthful eye area.