David Lucas Monique le Soin

David Lucas Monique le Soin

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KERATIN slipped between the meshes of an ultra-soft polymer, made of this one-of-a-kind gel-cream, MONIQUE BY DAVID LUCAS TREATMENT is essential for our lengths.

Perfectly nourished, hydrated and protected, the hair becomes denser and shinier. Both sculpting and softening, it gives spring to our curls, tames frizz and helps disentangling.

It protects against heat and drying, while facilitating brushings that will really last longer!

And because it is designed to be our everyday skincare product, all year round, it has a UV filter to also protect against the harmful effects of the sun.

Perfectly invisible once distributed, it can be used on damp hair and on dry hair, without weighing down the lengths and without any feeling of greasy to the touch, just ultra healthy hair, softer than ever.