Monochrome Total Look: A Trend for Spring-Summer 2024

Exploring Montaigne Market's Monochrome Wonderland

This season brings forth numerous unexpected trends, but one that stands out prominently on runways and international events is the monochrome total look. Additionally, certain colors take the spotlight this year, including cherry red, cobalt blue, and various shades of violet. We, Montaigne Market, will guide you on how to effortlessly embrace this trend without any fashion missteps.

Feeling Blue

Often associated with power and nobility, royal blue exudes confidence and serenity, creating a calm atmosphere on the runway. It stands out as one of the darkest colors of 2024, with the potential to transform any garment into a standout piece. Spotted at Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, and Burberry.

Capri blue, reflecting the sparkling waters of the Italian island, is described by Pantone as a color that "combines memories of the past while offering a glimpse into the future." This shade graced the dresses of Patou and Elie Saab, and shimmered in an evening suit at the Nina Ricci show.

If navy blue was a favorite color this winter, it gracefully makes way for a softer iteration in the warmer season, subtly reminiscent of our childhood wardrobes. Seen in the collections of JW Anderson, Versace, Prada, Alaïa, and Fendi, layette blue can be worn from head to toe or used sparingly to brighten an outfit. One color that will undoubtedly be everywhere in spring-summer 2024 is cobalt blue! Regal, it appeared in evening gowns from Givenchy, Acne Studios, Isabel Marant, and Ann Demeulemeester, but can also be worn in daytime ensembles.

“There is a shade of red for every woman” Audrey Hepburn

Deeper and richer than its vivid predecessor, cherry red exudes refined power in spring/summer 2024. The majority of the Hermès collection was an ode to this color. On the runways, cherry red leather silhouettes were particularly appreciated, notably at Gucci, Coach, Lanvin and Valentino. As the ultimate color of passion, red continues its fashion ascent on the runways. A shade we'll gladly adopt this summer to highlight our tan. To enhance its sexy side, don't hesitate to wear it from head to toe.

In the world of fashion, cherry red emerges as a color that transcends trends, embodying a deeper and more luxurious essence than its vibrant predecessor. The Hermès collection paid homage to this hue, showcasing its versatility and timeless appeal. The runways at Gucci, Coach, Lanvin, and Valentino echoed the sentiment, where cherry red leather silhouettes garnered particular acclaim. As the ultimate expression of passion, red maintains its elevated status in the fashion realm for Spring/Summer 2024. Embrace this fiery shade confidently this summer, not only to accentuate your sun-kissed glow but also to tap into its inherently seductive allure. From head to toe, let cherry red be your signature hue, making a bold statement that seamlessly blends sophistication with a touch of undeniable allure.

Purple Rain

Lilac, with its enchanting and romantic allure, takes center stage in the fashion narrative, revealing its versatile nature on prominent runways. At Zimmermann and Nina Ricci, lilac casts a charming and romantic spell, adorning garments that exude femininity and grace. Conversely, at Y/Project, Ujoh, and Blumarine, lilac adopts a more stern and cool persona, showcasing its adaptability and ability to evoke contrasting moods.

This season, lilac emerges as a dynamic and abundant force, never before witnessed on the runways. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly transition from dreamy and ethereal to bold and contemporary, making it a standout choice for designers seeking to capture diverse expressions within their collections. As we gaze into the upcoming season, pastel purple emerges as the frontrunner, destined to be the preferred choice for summer dresses and suits. Our confidence in this prediction stems from the myriad ways lilac has been skillfully integrated into designs, reflecting its potential to become a staple in every fashion-forward wardrobe. 

Get ready to embrace the refreshing and sophisticated charm of pastel purple, a hue that promises to dominate the fashion landscape with its undeniable allure and adaptability.

A Pink Dream

After several seasons dedicated to Barbie pink, the most popular shade of the 2010s is making a strong comeback. Millennial Pink, as the name suggests, evokes nostalgia for the millennial generation while maintaining a touch of freshness and modernity. Presented on the runways by brands like Moschino, Victoria Beckham, and Lapointe, it was quickly embraced by personalities such as Hailey Bieber. From that moment, it becomes evident that this color is destined to become the new trend.

Iron Woman

The allure of metallic hues continues to captivate and dominate the fashion scene, with designers showcasing their creativity through a dazzling array of silver and gold creations on the runways. From the futuristic brilliance of Paco Rabanne to the timeless elegance of Giorgio Armani and the liquid gold sophistication at Céline, metallics prove to be an indispensable element in shaping the aesthetic landscape.

In the coming year, 2024, metallic colors are poised to seize the spotlight like never before, transcending their role in accessories to become the focal point in the creation of complete outfits. The versatility of metallics allows for a seamless integration into various styles and aesthetics, offering a touch of glamour and modernity to everything from casual ensembles to red-carpet-worthy looks.

Fashion enthusiasts can expect to see a dynamic interplay of silver, gold, and other metallic shades, elevating wardrobes with a futuristic sheen and avant-garde elegance. 

Whether it's metallic embellishments, fabrics, or entire garments, the trend foresees a bold and innovative approach to incorporating these reflective hues into everyday wear.

A Message in a (green) Bottle

In a triumphant return, bottle green emerges as a key player in the fashion narrative for 2024, echoing its long-standing association with renowned Italian luxury houses like Gucci and Bottega Veneta. The verdant hue takes on new life, showcasing its versatility and modern appeal across diverse fashion platforms.

At Victoria Beckham, bottle green commands attention with its understated yet striking presence, seamlessly blending sophistication with contemporary flair. Diesel takes a bold and vibrant approach, infusing the color with an almost neon intensity that adds an electrifying edge to the palette.

However, the true magic of bottle green unfolds in the rich gem-inspired tones presented by AZ Factory, Giambattista Valli, and Roberto Cavalli. These esteemed designers elevate the color to new heights, infusing it with opulence and luxury reminiscent of precious stones. The deep and resonant shades of bottle green become a canvas for creativity, offering fashion enthusiasts an array of options to express themselves with refinement and panache.

Embrace the Total Monochromatic Look

In conclusion, the Spring-Summer 2024 season promises an exciting array of fashion trends, with the monochrome total look taking center stage. From the regal allure of royal blue to the nostalgic embrace of Millennial Pink, each color palette brings its unique charm and character to the runway. Whether you opt for the powerful refinement of cherry red or the versatile elegance of lilac, this season invites you to express your style with confidence.

As metallic hues shine bright and bottle green makes a captivating return, the fashion landscape becomes a canvas for self-expression and experimentation. The runway inspirations from renowned designers like Dries Van Noten, Gucci, and Moschino offer a glimpse into the dynamic and diverse fashion choices awaiting enthusiasts in the coming months.

So, as you navigate your wardrobe for the upcoming season, don't shy away from the bold and the vibrant. Embrace the monochrome trend, play with colors, and make a stylish statement that reflects your personality. The Spring-Summer 2024 fashion palette is a celebration of diversity, nostalgia, and modernity, inviting you to paint your fashion canvas with hues that resonate with your unique sense of style.